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Matches Played

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BHRDCA:C Division - Veterans
BHRDCA:Dorothy McIntosh Shield
BHRDCA:Under 14 Fri B Grade (Blue)
BHRDCA:Under 16 A Friday
BHRDCA:Twenty20 Field of View Shield
BHRDCA:Under 12 B Friday Grade (White)
BHRDCA:Twenty20 Storage King Mitcham Shield
BHRDCA:Under 16 B Friday
1 McMurray, Peter1000000000
2 Smeed, David0100000000
3 Brindle, Tim0001000000
4 Savage, Wightman0100000000
5 Donis, Alex1000000000
6 McIntyre, David1100000000
7 Price-Inglis, Jacob0010000000
8 Mow, Christopher1100000000
9 Hunt, Rudi0010000000
10 Hunt, Lionel0010000000
11 Blueming, Andrew0001000000
12 Armstrong, Greg0001000000
13 Ashdown, Ross1000000000
14 Watters, Jeff1000000000
15 Goldie, Ian1100000000
16 Nicholson, Peter0100000000
17 Sundram, Ravi0100000000
18 Nel, Viv1100000000
19 Blueming, Mike0001000000
20 Braybrook, James0001000000
21 Bevens, Christopher D0001000000
22 McAuliffe, Josh0010000000
23 Cochrane, Grant0001000000
24 Warhurst, Harrison0100000000
25 Minz, Michael D1100000000
26 Cullen, Jack0010000000
27 Trotter, Barri1000000000
28 Hocking, Corey0001000000
29 Clifford, Oliver0100000000
30 Hamilton, Tyrone A0001000000
31 Hartnett, Lex0010000000
32 Schafer, Mitchell0010000000
33 Chisholm, Oliver0100000000
34 Fletcher, Marty1000000000
35 Curry, Rai1000000000
36 Sonderhof, Thomas0010000000
37 Inglis, Michael0010000000
38 Tucker, Michael0001000000
39 Hoskins, Peter1001000000
40 Thomas, William0001000000
41 Voogd, Joshua0010000000
42 Vanderkolk, Josh0001000000
43 Hoskins, Fraser0100000000
44 Sonderhof, Logan0000000100
45 knight, kai0000000100
46 Bullen, Fynn0000000100
47 Bryant, Tom0000000100
48 McIntyre, Justin0000000100
49 Knipe, David1010000000
50 Bommakanti, Parth1000000000
51 Carson, Brock0000000100
52 Carson, Blake0000000100
53 Hamilton, Logan0000000100
54 Hine, Cohen0000000100
55 Halls, Harry0000000100
56 Nash, Charlie0000000100
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.