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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
113369419815112593256190133Tyrone A HamiltonPark Orchards2019/2020D Grade1 1Koonung Heights
210061999115112593275361100*Jamie RossPark Orchards2019/2020Under 18 - Friday Night2 1Chirnside Park
3763533601511259325619076David SmeedPark Orchards2019/2020D Grade1 1Koonung Heights
4733929301511259321300973Tom CoxPark Orchards2019/2020Dorothy McIntosh Shield2 1Vermont
56311442511511259325619363William ThomasPark Orchards2019/2020D Grade2 1Blackburn
66012663931511259321300760Fraser HoskinsPark Orchards2019/2020Dorothy McIntosh Shield1 1Templestowe
7593928121511259321300959*Rudi HuntPark Orchards2019/2020Dorothy McIntosh Shield2 1Vermont
8543884891511259325746454*Tim BrindlePark Orchards2019/2020G Grade2 1Manningham
95113016601511259327689251Logan SonderhofPark Orchards2019/2020Under 12 Fri A Grade2 1Koonung Heights
10517412111511259332178151*Ben L JefferyPark Orchards2019/2020Under 16 B Friday2 1St Davids
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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